Chicken soup and a laugh


Chicken soup, by me, today.  Never quite sure how to make soup, but this was very good.  I will do it again.  Maybe always this way.

1 small chicken, in a dutch oven with a couple carrots, a parsnip, parsley, and an onion, covered with water and a few peppercorns and salt.

Boil then simmer for several hours.  Take the chicken out, and strain the liquid, throwing away the solids.

Take all the good chicken off and out on a cutting board.  Dice.

  • Dice up 3-4 potatoes (I had fingerlings from the farmers market and probably cut them in 4-6 pieces each, and there were probably 14 of them or so)
  • Dice up 4-5 carrots (again, lots from the farm share)

Cover with broth and boil til about half way to tender

  • Chop and separate the stem and the leaves of swiss chard so you have about 2-4 cups

Add the chard to the broth, add more broth, keep simmering til tender.

Add the rest of the broth and a large tablespoon of jarred, concentrated chicken stock.  Then add the chicken.


Also, this from a friend today.  Thank you, friend.


Also, went to Lewiston today.  At 7 am.  Here’s why. So worth it.



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